Research assistant sought…!

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It’s baboon birthing season! Another new member (credit: A. Robinson)!

Bryan Pijanowski from Purdue University (USA) talking soundscapes at Issa (March 2017)



The face of waking up to LJMU Msc students at Issa! (credit: Alex Robinson)

Issa family - Habari asabui reduced

Peeking out from her nest at Issa…

Clearly this young’un was surprised to wake and see LJMU Msc students under her nest site (credit: A. Robison)!

Issa family - Habari asabui reduced

Hyenas caught on camera traps in the Issa Valley (credit UPP)

Grainy distant individual until :32 into the video…!


UPP field course for LJMU Msc students! The 2nd annual, March 2017

Sunrise at Issa


LJMU PhD fellowship call!

…LJMU will soon post a call for Unversity-supported PhD fellowships. If you’d like to work on Tanzanian primates/primate conservation, please get in touch with me with your idea! Brief, 1p proposals will be due mid-March 2017.

The termite queens are out…and make for a delicious snack!!!

An Issa adult female was observed from camera traps foraging with her lifeless infant.

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