Sometimes just listening is enough…(credit UPP/MPI-EVA)

New paper out by Sam Russak!!!! See “Publications” for more!

Kids will be kids…until mum breaks up the party! (credit UPP/MPI-EVA)

Chimpanzee termite fishing season gets underway at Issa!

Just released!!!! Watch below Marian Polak and Jan Hosek’s film from Ugalla starring our collaborator Dr. Klara Petrzelkova (with English subtitles)!

To the skies we return! UPP, Conservation Drones, and the Jane Goodall Institute are awarded a grant by USF&W to conduct aerial chimpanzee surveys in western Tanzania in 2015-2016!

UPP conducts its 3rd annual visit to DePaul School in Uvinza. More soon!

adidas winners UPP conducts its 3rd annual visit to DePaul School in Uvinza. More soon!

Sample & collection: Ugalla Primate Project researchers track Issa chimpanzees

Researchers hot on the heels of sample-leaving Issa chimpanzees!

4 July celebrations

You can take the woman out of America, but not the America out of the woman! Rebecca brings 4 July celebrations to western Tanzania!

4July 4 July celebrations

Rebecca Zulueta infuses camp with USA Independece Day celebrations (with Emily Greathead and Lucy Tibble)

Pinata 4 July celebrations

Lucy makes sure it’s unlikely Godfrey will succeed in his debut pinata experience during Indep Day “festivities”!

Fireline 4 July celebrations

UPP members begin controlled burning around camp to protect us from annual grass fires (June 2014)

Larry Gordon of the LA Times writes about crowd-sourcing and scientific research for UC students. More here.

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