Where are our owl identifiers?

Photo captured by Sebastian Amaya Ramirez…now we just need a good birder to provide the scientific name! Email us at info@ugallaprimateproject.com!

National Geographic and UPP!

News this week that Serge Wich and UPP will continue to use the skies as their eyes, supported by National Geographic to deploy UAVs to explore the ecological edge of chimpanzee distribution in western Tanzania!

Conservation from above: UAVs to identify chimpanzee presence in Issa and around Gombe National Park

In 2008 there was no network at Issa; In 2011, mobile phone service and later, 3G; In 2015, satellite internet!

The dish...

See our “collaborator” section for new work by our collaborators Adam van Castern and Elizabeth Fillion, and also “chimpanzee behavioural ecology” for the opening of the Issa seed nursery!

Nursery seeds

The debut of the Issa seed nursery (credit: S. Ramirez Amaya)

TWO new papers out by UPP members: Population status of chimpanzees outside of protected areas (Piel et al., Am J of Primatol), and influences on yellow baboon ranging patterns (Johnson et al., Movement & Ecol)…See “Publications” for more!

After five years of camera trapping, finally our first confirmed sighting of wild dogs at Issa!!!!

In May, we facilitated and hosted a joint patrol which resulted in the apprehension of illegal loggers and poachers. Great job by all!

Mpanda rangers at Issa camp, May 2015 (credit: S. Ramirez Amaya)

Upon listening for chimpanzees, Eden Wondra captures photo of juvenile leopard!

Leopard juvenile awaits mama's return (credit: E. Wondra)

Leopard juvenile awaits mama’s return (credit: E. Wondra)

Congrats to Deborah Moore on a new paper on Ugalla chimpanzees just out in IJP! (See Publications, presentations & reports)

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