The termite queens are out…and make for a delicious snack!!!

An Issa adult female was observed from camera traps foraging with her lifeless infant.

Another good catch by Issa chimpanzees! (credit: A. Chitayat, Nov 2016)

Project manager sought for 2017 – apply before 30 Nov!

See upp-coordinator-post-feb2017 for details!!!!

Partners from governmental and non-governmental (incl. UPP) organisations meet in Arusha to discuss and construct the National Chimpanzee Conservation Management Plan (Nov 2017)


New collaboration underway! With Sacha Knauf from the German Primate Center, UPP continues investigation into Issa primate health with identification and characterisation of Treponema in baboons. September (2016) saw the first darting and sample collection of infected individual baboons.


The 2016 termite fishing season is upon us!

See more recent wildlife encounters on our YouTube channel!

New paper accepted on malaria presece in Kalinzu and Issa chimpanzees!!! PDF forthcoming…

Another successful CARTA Tour complete!!! Thanks to all for making it an outstanding trip!


CARTA Tour participants and UPP members at Issa (August 2016)

New paper by Kalan et al. accepted describing the application of passive acoustics in Tai and Issa chimpanzees! Look for link soon!!!

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