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Researchers hot on the heels of sample-leaving Issa chimpanzees!

4 July celebrations

You can take the woman out of America, but not the America out of the woman! Rebecca brings 4 July celebrations to western Tanzania!

Rebecca Zulueta infuses camp with USA Independece Day celebrations (with Emily Greathead and Lucy Tibble)

Lucy makes sure it’s unlikely Godfrey will succeed in his debut pinata experience during Indep Day “festivities”!

UPP members begin controlled burning around camp to protect us from annual grass fires (June 2014)

Larry Gordon of the LA Times writes about crowd-sourcing and scientific research for UC students. More here.

Jan Hosek and Marian Polak from the Czech Republic visit Issa to film Dr. Klara Petrzelkova and her work on chimpanzee parasitology in the Issa Valley.

Jan Hosek & Marian Polak at Issa in December 2013

Jan Hosek & Marian Polak at Issa in December 2013