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New paper accepted that describes an encounter between African wild dogs and a chimpanzee at Issa. Congrats to lead author, Ed McLester!!

Photospheres of the recent UAV work exploring chimpanzee distribution in western Tanzania. Take Google street view, and take it to the forest! (credit: S. Wich)


Droning on…! Exploring the limits of chimpanzee distribution in western Tanzania with Serge Wich, Jeff Kerby, Noemie Bonnin, and Adrienne Chitayat (Work supported by the National Geographic Society)

Ugalla village

Cheeky juvenile monkey asserting herself in a grooming bout! Thanks Adrienne Chitayat for filming!

Our 3rd chimpanzee skeleton found! This only the 2nd from the core study area. Way to go, Adrienne & Mlela!

Kichwa ya sokwe - March2016r

Success! The first LJMU Msc field course is now a part of UPP history. Congrats to the first of many cohorts to come! See more in our photo gallery under Media > Photos


UPP in the news!!!

More great press for UAV work at Issa! Mongabay’s recent write-up here!

UAVs at Issa back in the news!

Mongabay’s Can cutting edge drone technology help answer the age old question…

20 January 2016, an historic day at Issa: Our first NEST to NEST follow of an Issa chimpanzee party. OUTSTANDING JOB TEAM!!!


photo: E. McLester

“You don’t look like my kind, but I like the way you work your hands”…Inter-specific grooming at Issa! (credit: E. McLester, January 2016)

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