HOBO temperature and relative humidity logger

HOBO temperature and relative humidity logger

Savanna chimpanzee study sites are characterised by their extreme seasonality and conditions. Consequently, we have been actively monitoring the physical environment of the core area since 2008, with temperature, rain, wind, and humidity loggers deployed across the study area.  These sensors, deployed across vegetation types and topographical levels, reveal not only seasonality differences, but also inter-annual climate patterns over prolonged periods. Additionally, phenology transects are walked monthly to monitor leafing and fruiting patterns of over 1000 trees. These data are also used to investigate chimpanzee nesting, habitat use, and vocalisation behaviour, and red-tailed monkey ranging patterns.

Mean temp - Gallery

Mean monthly inter-annual temperatures – Gallery forest (2010-2016)

Mean temp - Miombo

Mean monthly inter-annual temperatures – Miombo woodland (2010-2016)