Non-profit and tax exempt status……approved!! In January 2014, we were approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation. Thus, if you would like to support us AND deduct your contribution…you now can!!!! Write to us below to learn more.


Specific research projects at the site have been supported by the following organizations, to which we are very grateful: ARCUS Foundation; Carnegie Trust for Universities of Scotland; Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation; International Primatological Society; Jane Goodall Center at the University of Southern California; L.S.B. Leakey Foundation; National Science Foundation; Royal Anthropological Institute; UCSD Committee on Research; Wenner Gren Foundation. The Center for Academic Research and Teaching in Anthropogeny (CARTA) based at UCSD has provided critical financial support that has allowed for the continued maintenance and growth of our work. As part of the graduate program in Anthropogeny at UCSD, some CARTA students and staff also participate in a field course that addresses the origins and adaptations of our species. See more at

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Finally, to adidas we are extremely grateful for the continued donations of boxes upon boxes of new children’s shoes for our collaboration with Roots and Shoots Environmental Education programs of the Jane Goodall Institute, based in Kigoma.

To these organizations, we are very appreciative.

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